The Open Source Service Based Approach

We start with our fully built, open source software services and then customize them to meet your needs. This gives us more powerful building blocks to build your applications in days or weeks instead of months or years.

User authentication

Email/password, social, 2 factor, etc

User and Org authorization

Access control and permissions

Data Stores

Time series and document based

File sharing


Messaging and Chat




Core open source technologies behind our services


24+ years of being the world’s most advanced open source database


An open source query language for your API


React and React Native: Declarative programming to create interactive UIs


Production-grade container orchestration


Authorization, event engine, realtime APIs and more. Accelerates building unified GraphQL APIs for modern applications

Serverless Framework: Zero-friction serverless development

Our mission and business model

Our mission is to redefine what's possible for software and business by providing powerful, flexible, and open tools. We provide those tools free and open source. We also provide services to setup, customize, and support our tools for businesses that don't want to do that themselves. We love building quality software at a speed never seen before.